If you're here, it's because:

🎯 You're brilliant at what you do, but the right people don't know about your brilliance.

🎯 You're tired of desperately looking for opportunities and anxiously chasing down results.

🎯 Your bank account doesn't reflect your value.

🎯 You'd rather be sought after.

You want to ELEVATE your brand from EXPERT  to INFLUENCER!

Help is here...

LET ME HELP you...

Elevation requires alignment...a shift in your mindset...getting uncomfortable...surrounding yourself with greatness...and focus!

The good news is that you don't have to go it alone.

My role as your Coach is to hold you accountable to your goals, whatever they may be.

What I am not:

🚫 Your therapist
🚫 Your medical doctor
🚫 Your legal counsel

I work best with those who:

✅ Love to be coached
✅ Are open to new ideas
✅ Are open to candid feedback
✅ Know that change doesn’t happen overnight
✅ Have the ability to be comfortable being uncomfortable

– Nikki W.

I met Tajuana nine years ago through work. I could tell instantly she demonstrated a high level of professionalism, creativity, and a wealth of experience. Most recently, Tajuana made an impact on my life inspiring me to "Get Over Myself." Tajuana has the ability to help cultivate individuals to recognize their capabilities in a way that is subtle yet powerful. After one consultation, I began to make changes in my life that I have feared to address. Her skills are impeccable. I highly recommend Tajuana for her experience as a life coach!

– Mike G.

Working with Tajuana on my company has increased my visibility on the internet. Her strategic suggestions have increased my connections on LinkedIn by 30% in 2 weeks (Over 150 contacts). She understands the power of personal relationships & business development. If you would like to know how to get connected with people in business you only dream of message or call Tajuana immediately. In order for all of us to grow we have to "Get Over Ourselves" and get Coached by the best. Thanks Tajuana for your current and future assistance.

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